It's a Family Affair

Our Origin Story

The Giddy Piggies were first created by Oliver, our then 10 year old son for his pig-loving friend. Seeing his joyful sketches, our family worked to come up with the concepts and characters together.  We then polished the designs and started selling merchandise on Redbubble. Now, the piggies have appeared in over 100 designs available for purchase and in books. And we hope they'll make an appearance on your shirt, tote bag, or accessory as they remind us all to be giddy.

Oliver kept on drawing the cute piggies in all sorts of real and imaginary life situations: happily swimming in boba tea, slurping down ramen, eating all sorts of sweets, and going to the eye doctor. Now there is a growing collection of Giddy Piggies designs that we hope will bring joy to you, through the lens of kids on the daily life!

Elliott, our 14 year old son started developing the story lines and writing the giddy narratives. Where will it take us?  Who knows?  We will explore this journey, unleash our creativity, continue learning and be giddy!

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  • Oliver - Artist

    Oliver is playful and light-hearted.  He loves drawing,  playing video games and eating many kinds of food.  

    Oliver has participated in several local graphic novel contests.

    Oliver Portfolio 
  • Elliott - Writer

    Elliott is in high school and exploring many new interests including chess, ukulele and word games. He is on his high school's track and cross country teams doing distance running.

  • Alice - Art Director

    Alice is an artist who loves doing painting and interior design.  She draws inspiration from nature and the unique buildings in the neighborhood.   

    Check out her work on her website and follow her on Instagram.

    Alice's Website 
  • Henrick - Janitor

    Henrick is a technology worker in San Jose.  Considered the geek by the creatives in the family, he is only allowed to do the non-creative chores.  

    Follow him on LinkedIn.