Free Printable Red Envelope for Lunar New Year 🧧

Free Printable Red Envelope for Lunar New Year 🧧

Happy New Year🎉!  Lunar New Year is on Saturday, February 10th this year.  How are you going to celebrate?

Traditionally, Lunar New Year is a time for family reunions. Adults will give out red envelopes, which usually contain money, to younger friends and family as a blessing.

✨This year is the Year of the Dragon🐉, and we have red envelope designs you can print at home to make your own red envelopes.

Click here to download the pdf.  Please try other browser if link doesn't work.

Can't think of anything to do during Lunar New Year? Try these:

🐲Check out the local celebration events and watch the lion dance!

🐲Give away red envelopes to friends and family.

🐲Decorate the house with red and gold lanterns

🐲Enjoy some special New Year's treats that symbolize luck and fortune.

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