DIY Super Cute Shrink Plastic Keychain  ⭐️

DIY Super Cute Shrink Plastic Keychain ⭐️

Do you want to make your own keychain?

We really wanted to try making Giddy Piggies keychains for awhile, and we finally found these wonderful printable shrink plastic sheets at Daiso!  It comes in sets of 3 sheets of 4"x6" white plastic that you can print on using your inkjet printer.

We printed two Giddy Piggies images on one sheet of plastic.

The images need to be lightened up since it gets darker after it shrinks in the oven (more on that below).

The first one on the left is 100% opacity, and the two next to it are 50% opacity






Select postcard 4"x6" as the size for your design and export it as a PDF. We used Canva, but you can use any basic design software. Then, stick the plastic into your printer and print the PDF. After, cut around the images with scissors and punch a hole for attaching a keychain later. Next, bake the shrink plastic in the oven.




Watch closely: the plastic will curl up, then flatten out again. Pull it out once it flattens out; otherwise, it will burn and turn yellow.

After taking them out, we  put a heavy object, like a glass container, on top to flatten them while they cooled down. It only takes 10 seconds.

We added some UV resin on top to make it look glossy (optional).  We then attached the keychain. For the ones we forgot to punch holes in before shrinking, we attach magnets to the back instead. 

Now it's all done!  Have fun experimenting with it.

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